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2014. Október 16. 14:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo exclusive interview: Family and football are my life

We spoke for around an hour with the head coach of Videoton FC. He spoke about his family, hobbies, Paulo Sousa and Catalonia. He also mentioned during the interview about what his wish would be if he had one.

- You have been living in Hungary for more than three years. How much have you managed to fit in during that time, and how do you feel? Did you count on the country being better or worse when you accepted Vidi's offer back in 2011? 

Everything has exceeded my expectations in every respect, with the events that have happened to me over the last three years in Hungary. When I am at the start of a new challenge, then I always count on it being good, and this was the case in 2011. I cannot say anything bad, and I have grown to really like the people and the town, and everyone is really kind and friendly. Vidi was a very attractive project for me, which is why I was quick to jump in and start working. Perhaps I could mention one thing that was bad for me, which is the fact that my family were not together with me for the first two years. I really missed them although even with technical help that enabled me to keep in daily communication, you cannot compare it to when you are physically together with your family. Back to your first question, I feel that I have managed to settle in and I am happy here in Hungary. 

- What do you miss most about Spain?

My friends. Those that have been my friends since childhood and those that I became friendly with in previous jobs. The two most important things in my life are family and work. My family have now been with me for a year in Hungary, while work is my passion. So it is only my friends that are missing, but with the help of the internet, I can keep a daily relationship with them.

  - You arrived to Hungary following a request by Paulo Sousa three years ago. You did not have your family with you back then, so you spent virtually all of your time together with the Portuguese coach. Can say that he was not just your colleague, but that Paulo was also your friend? Do you still keep contact with each other today?

Yes, this is how it is as we were not only work colleagues, but Paulo was also a friend. Then life decided that we would go our separate ways, and this naturally had an effect on our relationship, and we are not as close as we were when we worked together. However, I think that this is normal. We both have our own things, and battle with the daily tasks that come with our job. We remain on good terms despite the fact that it is not as tight as previously, and a few years ago.

- What does an average day look like, and how much can you fit in to 24 hours?

Football plays a major part of my day. Naturally you cannot solely concentrate on football for 24 hours, but I try to do my best to spend as much time in this area as I can. My basic principle is that people need to constantly develop, and you have to give 100% in all areas of life. I enjoy those days the most where I can have breakfast together with my family, but sadly I do not always have the chance to do this, which is why I really appreciate the times when we can be together. My wife and children are the most valuable for me besides football. When time allows, we go on family outings. Just this weekend as a result of the international break, we had some free time so we planned a day out with my wife. We went to Szentendre, Visegrad and Esztergom, which was a great feeling as there are so many amazing places in Hungary. Saturday evening was about work again, with Hungary playing an important international game in Romania, with two Videoton players out on the pitch in that match, so I was in front of the TV naturally.

- You can often be seen going for a run around the Sostoi following training. I also go running, so I know that a person can gather up their thoughts without distraction during that time. What do you think about during running, and is it football that is very much on your mind?

I love to run, and live a sporty life as possible to remain in good condition. I only think about football during my runs, and nothing else. I have time to think about the things that happened in the previous week, or the previous day, and what events will take place in the coming days. I go over the things in the previous match, and think over what can be learned from it. I also go over the best way to prepare for the next match ahead. Many aspects are in my head when I go for a run after training, but I only think about football.

- Your kids have been going to school in Hungary since last year. What language do they learn and how are they coping with Hungarian?

Yes, my kids attend a bilingual school in the capital. The majority of lessons are in English, but there are also lessons when they learn Hungarian. They then play football after school, and they have plenty of Hungarian friends. It is also surprising for me to see how quickly they learn. If we watch a Hungarian program on TV at home, then I can see that they understand more and more from what they hear. They try to communicate as much as possible in Hungarian with their Hungarian friends.

- Are you a strict father?

  Arnau (14), Maraika, Biel (5), Joan and Jan (17)  

I am very proud of my sons. Naturally my wife spends more time with my boys, and she is the one that keeps the family together. I am trying my best to be a good influence on them. I do not want to direct them at all, but rather try to show them positive aspects in all areas, so that they can become really valuable people and enjoy life.

 - Spanish people are known for being religious. How much does religion play in your own life?

I consider myself to be a believer, and I try to live an exemplary life. However, I am not saying that I follow a fix religion, but I do all that I can to live a virtuous, good life, which gives a good example to my children, rather than give me support.

- Catalonia gaining independence from Spain can be heard more and more in the news. With you being a Catalan, what is your opinion on this, and what do you think will happen if they gain independence, and whether Barcelona and Espanyol will remain in the Spanish league?

My biggest problem with all of this is that there isn't sufficient information from the two sides. There are no such problems here in Hungary, as all of its citizens learn Hungarian. Things are different back home. I was born in Catalonia for example, and learned the Catalan language in my school, so it was a normal thing for me in life that I consider myself to be Catalan. However, this never meant a problem to me to go out and work in areas outside of Catalan in Spain. I can honestly say that I cannot see any opposites between Spanish and Catalan people. For some groups it is important for their own reasons to blow this situation up to make a bigger problem out of it than what it is all really about. I will repeat that the biggest problem is that people do not have suitable information at their disposal. I cannot imagine, nor would there be any value to the fact of both Barcelona and Espanyol both not playing in the Spanish league in the event of Catalonia becoming independent. Perhaps those news items that have reached Hungary are very minimal, with the majority of people inside Spain itself not being totally clear with the situation. However, this whole story should not be of any impact on the sporting life.

- How much has your life changed over the last four months, since you have been head coach?

Naturally this has meant a massive change in a person’s life. My responsibility has increased a lot, primarily because I am responsible for the team's performance. My family can also feel the change, as I now have much more things to do around the team than I had until now. My wife and kids have fully supported me, which means a lot to me. Everyone helps me with my work at Vidi, the coaching staff and office staff, so really everyone and this gives me great pleasure within. Everybody has the same aim, which is to make the club as successful as possible. As a person, I feel that I have not changed at all since becoming manager. My style and habits are the same since before and I do not feel that a person needs to change just because they are in a position of responsibility. 

- You have been working within Hungarian football for three years now. You know the other first division sides well. What is your relationship with your fellow managers in the division? Have you ever come across another manager who has surprised you during a match with a sudden tactical change?

I feel that I can calmly say that I enjoy a good relationship with all of my fellow managers. It is a real surprise that I have not yet come across this, as perhaps one of the reasons could be that when you prepare to face opponents, then I also prepare a little about the opponents head coach. I believe that this is the only way that you can work together in a league like this, if we all help each other. I am not talking here about friendships, but rather the professional itself.

- If you sit at home and watch a football league match from another country, let's say the Bundesliga, are you able to switch off and watch the match with a glass of beer in your hand, like the majority of people, or do you have your notebook next to you, and make notes of the tactical elements on the pitch? 

I only really watch football on TV, and several times I will watch a joint family program, as my wife and kids sit next to me. This is my life, so I cannot look at a match without watching it from a professional view.

- We are doing very well in the domestic championship, dominating matches, and going out in games to attack. Hopefully we will participate on the international stage next summer, and as we experienced back in 2012, we can only be successful in European matches if we place great emphasis on the defending. Are we prepared to apply different tactics against a side that is stronger than our own? 

With regards to the international cups, I have to say that there are those teams that are better off financially, and they have to always bring results to increase their prestige. I work with players at Videoton that I regard in high esteem, whether it is as humans or from a professional angle. I feel that they are also spiritually prepared for a bigger challenge. However, if we do qualify for European competition, we will have to strengthen our current squad. This does not mean that we need to come off from the road we are currently going down. Everyone needs to produce their maximum, and the supporters need to back the team with the same kind of enthusiasm as they have until now. The players are clear with the fact that playing on the international stage represents a bigger challenge in the playing careers. We will need to achieve such results that will enable Videoton FC to become more recognized, but we need to constantly develop for this. 

- Finally, if you could have a wish - and it could be for anything - what would you wish for?

I feel that in the life of the club, the two most important aspects are the players and the supporters. I would like the players to always perform to their maximum on the pitch, with the supporters being satisfied and proud that they can support the team week after week. We will need them on Sunday at the Sostoi stadium against Debrecen, as we can only be the best together with them!

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