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2017. Március 13. 17:51  -  David Rechnitzer
Paulo Vinicius: "I am very proud to represent Hungary"

Paulo Vinicius took part in the press conference of the Hungarian national team. Below are a series of questions asked by various journalists, together with the replies. 

How do you feel and what has the weekend been like as well as what condition are you in after Saturday's league win?

Everyone knows that it has been a very special week. My family and I all received Hungarian citizenship and we are all delighted. I then managed to crown this by scoring the first goal in our weekend game, so I can only say positive things about the last few days.

Have you thought in your head about the chance of playing in Lisbon. How much chance do you think there is of this happening and what are you expecting from the game?

We all know just how important the game against Portugal will be. I am very motivated to do well for the national side. I will have to work even harder as I am a newcomer. The most important aspect is that the game should go well for us.

Paulo, how are you coping with the Hungarian language and have you started to learn?

I am learning the language and receive great help from my wife and son as they already speak Hungarian. I am sure that you all know just how how difficult the language is. You cannot learn it from one day to the next, but I would like to get to the point where I can speak continuously. 

Attila Fiola and Roland Juhasz have already played in many international games. Have you seeked their advice?

I spoke to Roland before coming to Telki and all he said was that I should use the same attitude and work as I do at Vidi. He said that I will be meeting experienced players who are all great individuals. He assured me that they would all help me. I spend virtually each day with Attila and I am sure that he will also help me.

Can you sum up that moment when you found out that you were in the squad? What do you imagine about the thought of facing Cristiano Ronaldo in your first game?

I felt proud. I have to admit that things happened quicker than I was counting on. I am very proud to be representing Hungary. If a country accepts you other than the country were you were born, and they would like you to play for their national team, that is a massive thing. Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world. However, we must not focus on this. We need to make sure that everyone works hard and carries out their task on the pitch that the national team manager has asked of them. If there are world stars on the pitch, than perhaps we will all need to concentrate that much more. 

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