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2017. Október 04. 12:10  -  David Rechnitzer
Marko Nikolic: Interview in the Nemzeti Sport

The Videoton manager gave an interview to the Hungarian sports journal.

The international break has not meant that things have been quiet for the team. Vidi travel to play DAC in a friendly on Saturday. Marko Nikolic gave a lengthy interview to the Nemzeti Sport, which has been reduced below:

– Let's remain with football: your leading the league table after a third of the season, and made it to the play off's in the Europa League. Are you satisfied?
– If not totally, but yes. When I first met Videoton owner Istvan Garancsi, I decided within 5 minutes that I wanted to become Vidi manager. The owner painted a project, which I wanted to be apart of. We are talking about a long term project, which is not about months but rather years. The start has not been bad and we have more points in the league than this time last year. We also made it further in European Competition. We did and are doing everything and did not spend too much in the summer transfer window. We brought in Ezekiel Henty and some talented young Hungarian players like Attila Mocsi, Bendeguz Bolla, Bence Szabo and Bence Toth who have been training with the first team since. I think that there will be one or two changes to the squad over the winter, but we already have the foundation that we can build on.

– Has there been reason to be unsatisfied with anything during this period?
– Events could have been even better, but there is nothing to complain about. This is natural in the life of a football team, and there have been and are some small problems, which we will resolve within house.

– When you came here, you did not make a secret of having followed Hungarian football for a while. You knew about Mezokovesd as you did about the situation with Ferencvaros. Now several months later, have you received what you were expecting?
– Generally yes. Hungarian football has a fantastic history to be proud of but the last 10-20 years has seen it virtually in intensive care. We are now in the period of rebuilding. It is pleasing to see how much they are sacrificing on football and other sports. The results of this will be seen fairly soon. Just as I was counting on, the league is balanced. This is why I am confused when they say Videoton is much better than the rest and can only lose the league title.

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