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2017. Október 07. 19:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Marko Nikolic: It was important for us to come to Dunaszerdahely

The two managers shared their thoughts on Saturday's friendly game.

Marko Nikolic:

It was important for us to come to Dunaszerdahely and play against DAC for the Hungarian supporters. Several players were given the chance who have had limited match time. We had Vinicius back from injury and both Krisztian Tamas and Krisztian Geresi started the game. In the second half we had David Barczi and young Patrik Reti involved. We were perhaps to friendly opponents in the first half and did not play with the best attitude and we conceded an unfortunate goal. I thought that we were the better side in the second half, but we then let in a second goal after a counter attack. We scored a goal that was given and also disallowed, and had further chances. The game was good to see who is in form. 

Marco Rossi:

We had to lift ourselves today to Vidi's level as we are not yet there quality wide as they are. It was important for our young team to play a friendly against opponents like this. We had four players away on international duty, but the same applied to Videoton. Our attitude was fine today and our tactical elements were carried out well by the lads. The Slovakian league is fairly balanced with perhaps only Zsolna and Slovan emerging slightly from the rest. There are then 4-5 teams that are similar to us in playing level. We battle in each game as we did today, but I feel that we are heading in the right direction. I spoke with Bence Mervo after the final whistle as it was a big clash for him but it appears as if he is fine fortunately. 

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