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2017. Október 13. 10:39  -  David Rechnitzer
Asmir Suljic: It would be a mistake to think that this will be an easy game

Videoton travel east at the weekend and we asked Asmir Suljic for his thoughts on the game.

"We will visit the home of the bottom side on Saturday. It would be a massive mistake to think that this will be an easy game. We played our first match at home to Balmazujvaros. We experienced for ourselves just what a massive side they are. Their most recent game saw them make things difficult for Ferencvaros as they led 2-0. It is true that Fradi came back to win and pick up the 3 points in the end. I think that we will also have a hard game against them. We will have to give our best if we are to win the game. The fact that Ferenc Horvath is familiar with several of our players does not represent an advantage for Balmazujvaros. The same applies in reverse with us knowing Ferenc Horvath. Unfortunately there have been games recently where we have shown both sides of our game. It is enough to just think about our most recent game at DVTK. We played poorly in the first half but produced a performance in the second period that is expected of us. I hope that there will not be any poor periods from us. We need to put things right in our heads to achieve this. We are the best side and we need to take this into consideration. I am hopeful that we will work well at the weekend" - commented Asmir Suljic to

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