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2017. November 07. 14:06  -  David Rechnitzer
A friendly match against Croatian opponents at the Sostoi

Slaven Belupo are currently sitting in 7th place in the Croatian domestic league.

Vidi will be in action during the international break. There have been training sessions during the week and a friendly game to look forward to on Saturday. The game against Croatian first division side NK Slaven Belupo will kick off at 13:30pm. 

Slaven Belupo were formed back in June 1907 as Student Football Club Koprivnica. Their first official game was played barely a month later but it proved a tough game as they crashed 15-1 to Zágrábi HAŠK. The club seazed to exist in the 1920's and there was a wait of almost 5 years before they reformed under the name of FD Slaven. Main sponsors Belupo were added to the official name in 1994 and they have since been known as NK Slaven Belupo. They competed at first in the lower leagues before being promoted to the Croatian first division in 1997.

Belupo are currently in 7th place and their squad is worth 7,25 million euros according to The most valuable player is 800,000€ 21 year old central defender Nikola Katic. They are managed by Tomislav Ivkovic and there are two former Vidi players within his squad. Mirko Ivanovski signed for them in the summer of 2016 and Dinko Trebotic moved to strengthen them in the summer. Another familiar face is Selim Bouadla who played for Debrecen between 2011-2015. The two sides met in a friendly game on the 25th March this year and that ended in a 2-1 win for Vidi thanks to goals from Scepovic and Hadzic. 

Slaven have played 15 league games but have only scored 9 goals with almost half of them coming from Ivanovski. The rest is shared between five players. 

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