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2018. Február 10. 19:22  -  David Rechnitzer
Marko Nikolic: There was a big difference between the two sides

The two managers shared their thoughts on Saturday's friendly game.

Marko Nikolic:

"I feel that there were several problems with organisation, as we had said two months ago that this game would see the youngsters given the chance to play. As a result the game was no good for either side. If our opponents had fielded a young side, then it would have made the game more valid. That resulted in a big difference between the two teams, which is not that useful for a Dinamo side that will play a Europa League game in a couple of days. Nobody can be satisfied with today's 90 minutes. One thing that is pleasing is that the youngsters had the chance to play against quality players on the pitch, which they had not really had the chance to do earlier."

The Dinamo Kiev manager will give his reaction on the match shortly.

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